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Nagore Aranburu - Vogue Spain

Once again, a basic outfit with great tips for us. Here we go:

1- The basics. A white t-shirt and boyfriend jeans, basic items for our wardrobes. But pay attention: if you are not skinny as Nagore is, don’t use both of these garments too loose, like N did. Choose one of them to be a little more adjusted to your body.

2- The little surprise. This Hermès bag is the shinning star of this look. It brings a pop of colour and glamour to this outfit - so, it doesn’t look like Nagore just came out of bed and picked the first fabric she saw… it’s a casual look, with some classy. Perfect.

3- The focal point. Beyond this perf bag (no, srlsly N, give it to me), another great thing about this outfit is the belt. Popping discretly, the red belt forms a focal point in the lower part of her body. This is a good trick for girls who wants to bring attention to this area - if you have large breasts, for example, and wants to balance your silhouette somehow. Instead, if you want to bring attention to the upper part of your body, a tee with v-neck or boatneck with a discret necklace would be great.

4- The one who doesn’t appear. The sandals are not the main point in this outfit - on purpose. They are the key if you want to look taller. Choose shoes (or sandals, like this one) in the same tone of your skin. But pay attention: if you choose an strapped flat like this one, and it is not from the same tone as your skin’s, it will make you look shorter. So, be careful!

And, definitely, when I grow up, I want to be like Nagore… hehehe


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